Three Waters


Three Waters for Iwi

Enhancing the role of Iwi/Māori groups in the service delivery of the Three Waters system.

As part of the Reforms, the Government has agreed to recognise and provide for Iwi/Māori rights and interests in the Reform with a specific focus on service-delivery.

Iwi/Māori groups will have a greater role in the new Three Waters system, including pathways for enhanced participation by whānau and hapū as these services relate to their Treaty rights and interests.

Key opportunities for Iwi/Māori in the Reform:

Statutory Recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi  

Rights & Interests of Iwi/Māori will be recognised and provided for in service-delivery arrangements for the new Three Waters system and will uphold existing Treaty Settlement arrangements.

Statutory Recognition of Te Mana o Te Wai           

Te Mana o Te Wai will be recognised and provided for in service-delivery arrangements for the new Three Waters system. Each entity will be required to give effect to Te Mana o Te Wai both in legislation and as articulated by mana whenua over a defined waterbody.

Creation of Mana Whenua Groups for each Entity

A Mana Whenua Group for each of the four entities will be established to guide strategic performance expectations alongside local government. Each Mana Whenua Group will have equal voting rights to local government and the new entities will have statutory obligations to fund and ensure Mana Whenua participation.

Specific Board Expertise 

The entity governing boards, will require one or more individuals with to have expertise in the exercise of kaitiakitanga, tikanga & mātauranga Māori relating to delivering water services.

Support for Capability and Capacity

Mana whenua will have an increasing role in both submitting and providing advice to the new entities and Entities will fund and support capability and capacity for mana whenua to participate.