Three Waters


People & Workforce

The transfer of existing three waters staff and expertise to the new Water Services Entities will provide the foundation for building a world-leading innovative three waters system, with opportunities for significant professional development in making a profound and positive difference to New Zealand.

The transition to the new water services entities can lay the foundations for excellent workplaces in a sector at the heart of healthy communities and natural environments. This change is strongly influenced by a recognition that better outcomes will rely on the people who work in three waters. 

Staying connected to staff and supporting their wellbeing through the change process is a key priority. How we make this change together will have a big impact on the success of delivering a highly skilled and innovative workforce.

There is a dedicated People & Workforce team at the Transition Unit and their job is to plan and guide the people-side of the transition.

This team will work in partnership with the water services entities and engage with three waters staff, their employers, their union representatives, and relevant professional associations.

Staff can find out information for workforce at Te Rapunga, the dedicated website for three waters staff, their employers and their supporting unions and professional associations.