Three Waters


Three Waters for Workforce

Three waters reforms will mean growing opportunities for people to work in the water sector, as well as opportunities for the existing workforce. 

Economic analysis projects that the reforms will create 6,000 to 9,000 jobs over the next 30 years.

Council employees that primarily work on water services will be guaranteed a role with the new water services entities that retain key features of their current role, salary, location, leave and hours/days of work. For senior managers there will be a guaranteed job offer to a suitable new role.

The Three Waters National Transition Unit (Transition Unit) is part of the Department of Internal Affairs. It has been created to establish the four new council-owned water services entities through a consistent and coordinated nationwide approach to transition.

The Transition Unit will ensure that the transition is efficient, effective and minimises disruption to local government organisations, staff and communities; as well as to consumers.

There is a dedicated People & Workforce team at the Transition Unit and their job is to plan and guide the people-side of the transition. Visit Te Rapunga for more detailed information on the staff transition. 

This team will work in partnership with the water services entities and engage with three waters staff, their employers, their union representatives, and relevant professional associations.