Three Waters



Climate change and population growth challenges mean that many councils will struggle to meet the increasing costs to supply reliable stormwater services.

Stormwater management is crucial for dealing with the overflow of water on properties and streets when it rains.

Engagement with the local government sector has shown that while there are mixed views across the sector, there is significant support for transferring the responsibility for stormwater to the proposed water service entities, while making sure that this occurs at the right time. Support for the inclusion of stormwater reflects:

  • a recognition by many local authorities that they will struggle to afford increasing investment requirements for stormwater; and
  • concern (particularly from smaller local authorities) about their capacity and capability to manage stormwater when drinking water and wastewater assets and functions are transferred to the proposed water service entities.​

Following transfer of responsibilities, the proposed water service entities will continue to collaborate with local authorities and other key agencies to ensure best outcomes for communities.


A stormwater drain with yellow autumn leaves. Water is flowing through the leaves and into the drain.

Stormwater networks are increasingly under pressure with severe weather events.