Three Waters


Why is change needed?

Improving our ageing water infrastructure is about ensuring all New Zealanders have safe, affordable and reliable drinking, waste, and stormwater services – now and in the future.

Many wastewater facilities in New Zealand are operating under expired consents, many drinking water supplies don’t meeting safe standards, and stormwater systems are struggling to cope. Addressing these issues is essential for the health and wellbeing of our communities and our environment and we need infrastructure that can meet the demands of urban growth and climate change.

We need to create scale and other structural changes that will enable the significant investment required in ageing water pipes and treatment plants across the country that is out-of-the-reach of individual councils alone.

This is an opportunity not just to solve existing issues across the country from decades of underinvestment, but to build a world-class waters system, support housing and economic development, and contribute to economic growth in the regions and the country as a whole.


Pipe and hose being put into a stormwater drain to remove excess matter.

Stormwater drain being emptied in Pōneke, Wellington.